Marine Eye

Autonomous sea surface control system

The Marine Eye system provides constant monitoring of the number of moored vessels. The collection and analysis of data in real time present an improvement in the processes of management and planning.

Surveillance and management of the maritime domain

The surveillance and management of the maritime domain is of great strategic interest for all maritime countries, including the Republic of Croatia as well. The lack of high- tech solutions for the upgrade of security has motivated us to launch the Marine Eye system. The development and application of computer visions and artificial intelligence technologies in combination with hardware solutions – this is the entrepreneurial vision which our business team wants to undertake.

Kontrola sidrišta

Sea surface control

The Marine Eye system provides constant monitoring of the number of moored vessels, and in the future it will also be adapted for marine and nautical port surveillance needs. The System consists of two parts: the central software system for the analysis of data, and a electronic device equipped with a device for the collection and transmission of data. Electronic device is an autonomous unit with its own power supply (solar panels and a battery) and electronics and software for automated periodic generating of 360-degree photographs and their transmission to the central system.


Technical characteristics

Kontrola sidrišta


Marine eye has a wide range of options suitable in the areas of maritime safety, transport and spatial planning. It can be used to prevent further marine pollution, illegal anchoring and illegal fishing. The system is applicable in the field of defense and maritime security. The Marine eye system can be used by scientific institutions in making maritime studies.

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